Timber properties

The Beauty of Timber

Timber is a natural product and every piece tells a story of how the tree grew. Many factors influence trees and the way that they grow and this leads to a high degree of variance in the timber grain. What we love about timber is the warmth and natural glow of being surrounded by nature, including infinite pattern possibilities that nature produces. When choosing your timber to match your home, you must allow such variance, even in the same tree there can be colour variation and grain differences, Timbers will also change colour as they mellow over time and being a natural material they continue to breathe and change in response to their environment. For this reason there are steps you must take to ensure timber has a long and happy life in your home. Please read storage instructions and installation instructions and always use in accordance with the building code. If you have been given a sample its important to remember that a sample cannot cover all of the possibilities of colour, grain and grade.


Interior timbers are best stored inside for at least 2 weeks to allow them to acclimatise to the humidity levels of your home. If you have a new build or renovations have been extensive ensure that moisture levels have stabilised at an acceptable level before you put timber inside. If its too humid the timber will absorb moisture and expand leading to it shrinking after its installed which gives gaps.

Exterior timbers also need to protected from the sun and the rain. if you cant put them inside then cover them with a waterproof sheet (not all tarpulins are waterproof) and keep them up off the ground by 150mm to allow air flow.

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